Cambodian Association of North Carolina


Fostering Community and Cultural Heritage

The Cambodian Association of North Carolina (CANC) is dedicated to enhancing the lives of Cambodian-Americans in North Carolina through various educational, social, and cultural initiatives. Their mission focuses on building economic opportunities, improving social mobility, and advocating for the visibility and equitable inclusion of the Cambodian community in the state.

CANC provides a range of services including translation assistance, food distribution programs, and community networking. For instance, they have organized food distribution campaigns and COVID-19 vaccination drives, significantly aiding low-income families and the elderly within their community. They also emphasize addressing social determinants of health to improve overall community health.

Additionally, the association encourages community participation through volunteering and active membership, aiming to sustain their programs and make a positive impact. Their efforts include civics education, naturalization assistance, and advocacy to ensure no one in the community is left behind Cambodian Association of North Carolina.

For more information, you can visit their official website.

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